Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bed & Breakfast Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference

Slips, Trips and Falls - OH MY!

One of the important seminars being presented at the 2010 Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Trade Show & Conference will be "A Strategy for Controlling Slips, Trips and Falls" by Michael Swain of MARKEL Corporation.

Michael will discuss the impact a slip, trip or fall can have on an inn. The devastating effect it can have on a guest's stay, how it can drive up Worker's Compensation costs and how it can be a catalyst for litigation against you. According to the National Safety Council, millions of Americans are injured annually from slips, trips and missteps and nearly 15,000 die from these accidents. In this workshop, innkeepers will hear ways to identify these hazards and learn strategies to help reduce the possibility of a slip, trip or fall accident from occurring at their inn.
Also in this session:
* Housekeeping issues that contribute to slip, trip and fall accidents
* Environmental and configuration factors that contribute to slip, trip and fall accidents
* Preventative measures and risk management strategies to reduce the likelihood of a slip, trip or fall accident.

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