Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Conference - Cookbooks and More!

Calling All Authors ~ Cookbooks and More!

This year we have a special booth set aside in the EXHIBIT HALL for B&B owners (present or past) to display any book they have authored. Cookbooks, "How To" books, or any other books related to our industry are welcome.
There is no charge for displaying your work, but if you want to sell any of your books it will be up to you to "man" the booth for a specific time.
If you are interested, please let us know so that we can be sure to save sufficient space for you. We plan to have a reading area set aside for attendees.

For up-to-date Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Schedule information, Click Here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bed and Breakfast Mid Atlantic Conference Workshop

Selling the Value of B&Bs

How to debunk B&B myths, attract new customers, create value-rich B&B packages, write value-oriented copy, and use photography to illustrate affordable luxury.

This workshop will be conducted by Patty Crowe and Willow Coyle from BedandBreakfast.com. Always a timely subject, this session will be a popular addition to the Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Schedule.

For additional workshop offerings, refer often to the Schedule on the website.

Bed & Breakfast Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference

Slips, Trips and Falls - OH MY!

One of the important seminars being presented at the 2010 Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Trade Show & Conference will be "A Strategy for Controlling Slips, Trips and Falls" by Michael Swain of MARKEL Corporation.

Michael will discuss the impact a slip, trip or fall can have on an inn. The devastating effect it can have on a guest's stay, how it can drive up Worker's Compensation costs and how it can be a catalyst for litigation against you. According to the National Safety Council, millions of Americans are injured annually from slips, trips and missteps and nearly 15,000 die from these accidents. In this workshop, innkeepers will hear ways to identify these hazards and learn strategies to help reduce the possibility of a slip, trip or fall accident from occurring at their inn.
Also in this session:
* Housekeeping issues that contribute to slip, trip and fall accidents
* Environmental and configuration factors that contribute to slip, trip and fall accidents
* Preventative measures and risk management strategies to reduce the likelihood of a slip, trip or fall accident.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mid Atlantic Innkeepers ~ Breakfast Cookery!

Chef Andrew Selz will be entertaining and educating attendees at the 3rd annual Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Trade Show & Conference in January, 2010.
His over 20 years of experience and talent as Executive Chef for many multinational companies have led Chef Selz to be one of the most sought-after chef consultants.

A master of encouragement, Chef Selz excels at his passion for culinary presentations. He has served for many national and international dignitaries including President Clinton, serving in 1993 and 1994 as his personal chef at the seasonal Renaissance Retreat at Hilton Head, SC.

In additions to the General Session, Breakfast Cookery, Chef will conduct sessions entitled Cheese 101 and The Art Food of Presentation.

Bed and Breakfast Mid-Atlantic Innkeeper Show 2010

New seminars planned for the 2010 Mid Atlantic Innkeepers show in January!

We are excited to have many new topics on our Schedule and, many new Presenters!
Among them will be Joyce Rouse, better known as “Earth Mama”! A singer, songwriter, activist and educator, Joyce’s presentations combine environmental science, humor and music.

The Scone Lady, Debbie Anderson from Indiana, will lead a session entitled Creative Scone Making. Of course, she will also continue to delight our senses of smell and taste in the Exhibit Hall with her array of fresh baked scones!

Several round table discussions have been added to the Schedule. An important one will be Operations Roundtable led by Frank Salvo from White Gate Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.

Bob White from Hospitality Appraisals will lead the session How Well will your Inn Appraise? If you are planning to refinance or if you are planning to sell, this session can be invaluable as you realistically look at your particular situation.

We are pleased to have added these sessions to the Schedule. More information on other new seminars and speakers will be forthcoming.