Monday, November 8, 2010

Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Trade Show & Conference

Let's Help Clean the World!

What do you do with all the soap and shampoo that gets left behind by your guests?
What a waste to throw it away!
But what can I do with it - can't reuse it...? Well, now you can!

The Clean the World Foundation is recycling soap and saving lives! It is a non-profit charity organization committed to the prevention of illness and death from respiratory infection and diarrhes disease across the globe. Studies have shown that simple hand washing can reduce the spread of disease. Recycled Soap can make that happen! Additionally, this helps our environment by keeping soaps and shampoos out of our already overloaded landfills.

Saving our soaps is a Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Conference project! How many pounds of soap can we, as a group, save? If we all start saving now and being used soap with us to the Conference who knows what an impact we can make! Each bar of soap will get recycled and ultimately end up in the hands of a child or adult who hasn't been able to wash for way too long.

How many pounds can we collect to show our support for such an amazing and worthwhile cause? The Hummingbird Inn in Goshen, Virginia challenges each of us to start saving now and will donate a prize of a $100 bill to the B&B that brings the most to the Conference. The Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Conference is committed to this program and will pay the shipping cost to Florida.

Click HERE for more information on Clean the World Foundation.